Course curriculum

  • 3
    Class 2: Strength and Freedom
    • How-to lesson: Build equal muscle tone as well as open up the whole body. Explore balanced action for stability and freedom.
  • 4
    Class 3: Lower Body Focus
    • How-to lesson: Learn the balanced action in the pelvis for lower body stability and freedom.
  • 5
    Class 4: Hip Opening
    • How-to lesson: Learn postures to free up the hips and actions that heal the lower body.
  • 6
    Class 5: Doable Core Practice
    • How-to lesson: Learn how to engage the core and pelvic floor tone in all postures.
  • 7
    Class 6: Intro to Shoulder Work
    • How-to lesson: Learn the universal steps to lining up the inner and outer body for stabilizing and freeing up the shoulders and upper body.
  • 8
    Class 7: Continued Shoulder Work and Safe Back-bends
    • How to lesson: Deepening Safe Shoulder and Chest Opening
  • 9
    Class 8: Potpurri Graduation Class
    • How to lesson: Weave together postures and alignment from the whole series into one uplifting and empowering practice that will take you on a journey through the whole body!